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12.-13.09. The "4TC JAM!", aka 'for the community', was organised by Pamela Forster. Thank you for bringing the community together and creating a nice event. The communities of Parkour/Freerunning, Tricking and Calisthenics came together and trained in one hall teaching the others. Because of that I learned a lot of new tricking moves and swimming in a cold lake. Made a lot of new friends. I'm looking forward to see them at the next jam.

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Parkour Days 2020

04.-06.09: Visited 2Parkour Eschbach" on their "Parkour Days 2020" and it was a great time with a really nice community! I learned a lot of tricks and made new friends.

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That's my first blog post. Therefore I want to share my guiding principle: "Become the best version of yourself" -Parkour Luxembourg, since 2012 #Team #Parkour #FirstPost


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